Scott Taylor's Mindstorms Patch

This is a patch for the Mindstorms RIS software that allows it to run on a Macintosh under Virtual PC. This is not an official patch from LEGO.

The patch was written by Scott Taylor. Please direct any questions about the patch to him.

Download the Patch

Here is Scott's description of the patch itself:

I hacked the routine in the Spirit.ocx file that checks the status of the CTS line, so that it returns the same value, whether the tests fail or succeed. I only altered two bytes of the Spirit.ocx file. I did this in assembly, I don't have any source code. I used UpdaterVise to compare my altered Spirit.ocx file with the original and create a patch utility.

I haven't done extensive testing yet, but so far, everything I've tried runs fine. I'm assuming that there is only one routine in the entire Lego suite that checks the CTS status. So far I've tested my patch on Windows 95 and Windows NT 4 (haven't tried Windows 98 yet) I've tested it running under Virtual PC 2.1.1, and on an actual PC (with a cable with the CTS line removed). I haven't tested on SoftWindows or a hardware PC card yet, but I expect it will work fine.